Independence Day

This was such a daring declaration at the time, for subjects to hold their King accountable for the misuse of his authority. But as they dared to believe that peasants were as endowed with inalienable rights as kings, they didn’t yet have the bandwidth to extend those rights to men of color, or to women. This experiment of freedom that is America is still not yet finished, and has in no way been perfected.

All… are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Even as America is the land of the free, we struggle with allowing our neighbors to be free and autonomous in their life choices. Even as we are the home of the brave, we let fear drive us to control and legislate those we don’t understand and have no empathy for.

We cannot be free while denying others their freedom. We cannot believe in freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty for for ourselves, and deny it to others. Making choices on behalf of someone else because you believe it is right for them denies them of their freedom.

May we continue to strive to form an ever more perfect union. May we fight for the freedom of those we don’t agree with as much as we fight for our own. If they are not free, neither are we.

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