My passion is seeing people inspired and equipped to live fully alive, pursuing their gifts, interests, abilities, and unseen potential. Here I share my thoughts on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and wellness, including my personal journey from personal powerlessness to reconnecting to love, joy, and peace.

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I Have Friends

I just wanted to say thank you to my friends. I’m actually kind of surprised to reflect that I have many friends, here on the Oregon coast and all over the planet. I’m so grateful. Not having friends for the majority of the first 23 years of my life, combined with the unique trauma I … Continue reading I Have Friends

Embracing Failure

I am realizing I need to change my associations and relationship with failure. I haven’t wanted to look at it. From way too early I was intensely shamed for making a mistake of any kind, and told that a mistake was proof that I wasn’t listening, that I was rebellious, that I was out from … Continue reading Embracing Failure

Healing is Messy

You are all parts of you: the healed and the healing, the powerful and the timid, the confident and the hesitant. It’s okay to be “inconsistent.” Sometimes people think I am living in the past when I talk about my trauma. And I don’t blame them, I get tired of it too. But there are … Continue reading Healing is Messy

Like a Trick Knee

I wish there was a way to relay what it’s like living with Complex PTSD. I am sure it’s super confusing and frustrating for those around me. I swear I’m not being dramatic. I’m not being petty. I just instantly go into self-destruct mode, and want to not exist. Imagine a soft-hearted, empathic little boy … Continue reading Like a Trick Knee

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