Healing is Neither Linear nor Static

Healing is not a linear journey. Weight or body composition is just one aspect of health which for many of us is a varied reality. After being underweight for my early life, it took a lot of time and consistency to build up muscle. I felt shame for having been so small, and so my obsession was in trying to get bigger and heavier. I have been as heavy as 195 pounds. I realized I would rather be lean and athletic than be as heavy and strong as possible and continue to gain body fat. After struggling to gain weight, I found the body fat challenging to release.

This whole varied experience was accompanied by consistent exercising and nutritional experimentation to figure out what worked best for me.

But it is not just my body composition that has varied. My energy levels have gone up and down over the years depending on what season I was in and what I was going through. My strength in specific movements has also vascilated. At times I could do 24 pull-ups in a row because I was consistently including them in my workouts, and other times I was focusing on other back workouts and couldn’t do as many pull-ups. The body is adaptable, and life happens. Health and wellness is not a static state of being. It requires consistent investment and nurturing.

One of my overarching motivations is to feel better than I did in childhood, and to be a ridiculously strong and athletic old man in the future. This keeps me on my path, moving toward improved fitness, as well as ever-expanding inner healing.

You are worth investing in, and I hope you will patiently invest in your vitality and longevity no matter what. 💜

With love,

P.S. For just over a year now I have been running a mentoring community in a private Facebook group for those who are seeking personal wellness transformation through a gentle and intuitive approach. I’ve recently decided to make it free. If you would like to join, please apply through this link.


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