Don’t Shrink

Something I’ve noticed that Christians often misunderstand about God’s heart as portrayed in the bible is the concept of oneness verses separateness from God, where if one is great, the other can’t be. I believe Christian’s overemphasize our separateness from God/Source/Creator. I realize this is usually in an attempt to not “steal glory from God” or to be humble, or to emphasize what Christ did on the Cross. But portraying yourself as an unworthy sinner misses God’s heart for several reasons. Separateness was the prevailing belief in the prequel, but it has been incorrectly reinforced in Christianity for two thousand years. Speaking strictly from within the confines of a biblical context, Jesus called his followers his friends, sisters, brothers, and mothers. Paul said all believers are kings and priests (no genders excepted because there is neither male nor female in Christ). Jesus even quotes the Psalms saying, “Do you not know that you are gods?” (John 10:34; Psalm 82:6). Oneness with God/Source is clearly emphasized within the New Testament. Paul even quotes the Greek philosophers when he says that in (Source) we live and move and have our being. If we are one with God, then we can be great without taking anything away from God. It is only if we believe that we are separate from God that we can make God less by being more. When people talk like this, they often quote John the Baptist when he said, “He (Jesus) must increase, while I must decrease.” But that was only referring to their missions on earth. At the beginning of John’s ministry, John was increasing. Does that mean God was decreasing somehow? Later, Jesus’ physical ministry also decreased. It was only ever about the work they were doing, not their greatness. You can’t take anything away from God by being your greatest, biggest, most YOU self. Imagine a painting at an art gallery. There is a crowd gathered admiring the masterpiece, and suddenly the painting shouts, “No, please don’t look at me, I am just the painting. Look at the painter, because she is the one who created me. Everything I am is because of her.” The crowd would be super confused. How could looking at the painting possibly detract from the painter? If anything, it helps people understand the artist better. Things in nature don’t shrink back from being all their glorious and majestic selves, they just ‘be.’ Mountains, trees, stars, lions, blooming flowers… All, when healthy, become and are all that they are without shame or hesitation or self-consciousness.

So if you are a Christian that has been held back by a belief that you must stay small so as not to take anything from your Creator, I hope you release that false belief and boldly become all that you are. Receive all the abundant love that Love has for you, that YOU have for yourself.

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