Building a Relationship with My Body

After the first 22 years of stress related extreme fatigue and inability to build muscle, I have had an 18 year consistent but varied personal health journey. I have been underweight, overweight, injured, weak, strong, learned new skills, experimented with my nutrition, etc.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that every body is unique, and each individual person’s approach to fitness and nutrition will look different. This is the thing I have attempted to teach every client over the last 14 years.

For this reason I have always preferred working one-on-one rather than teaching group fitness. Classes can be really fun, but I also get frustrated seeing so many individuals in one place that could use full personalized guidance, and yet I have to keep teaching the group. Even with personalised recommendations, the group dynamic keeps most people from really listening to their bodies and adapting. And that is the most important thing.

This has been my struggle: How do I teach people to listen to their body and become intuitive in their fitness and nutrition, but also reach as many people as possible? One-on-one sessions cost more time and money. Pre-designed transformation programs may be good for most but how do I help the ones who struggle or have questions?

This is why I am launching a totally new fitness offering that I have never seen before: My own membership community where people will have continual access to me on their health journey. I will go live and share guidance and encouragement each week, as well as be available to respond to posted questions. A low pressure, empathic, compassionate, mentorship experience guiding you toward personal transformation.

This membership community is ideal for anyone who desires to become healthy and strong, but also finds themselves drained by everyday life. Empaths, highly sensitive persons, trauma survivors, those struggling with multiple health issues, are ideally suited to this unique approach to positive life change.

We’ll also be looking at the deeper aspects of personal power, sovereignty, and boundaries, as this is foundational to recoverying and stewarding physical energy and strength.

This program is $22 per month. Please reach out if you have questions or are interested!

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