Just Live Your Story

Life is such an interesting thing, where each of us are the main character in our own story, but where our lives overlap so much with each other, it’s easy to forget who’s in charge of our direction and purpose. It’s encouraging and helpful to have people understand where we are coming from, the story we’ve live so far, and the story we are reaching for. On the other hand, it can be discouraging and even devastating when people don’t understand who we are and what our goals and motives are. But this is part of what makes it so hard for us to remember that our primary relationship is with ourselves. Am I understanding me? Are you giving yourself unconditional support that you need? We can get pulled around in so many different directions when our goal is to be clearly and accurately understood by those around us. That is not a reasonable, or an achievable, goal. And it derails us from what should be our primary focus of living authentically, and choosing the life of our truest and deepest joys. We are creating iur lives as we live them by our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Don’t let what you think others think about you keep you from pursuing the creation your greatest life full tilt.

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