What 2017 Taught Me

– I am resilient and powerful.
– Hundreds of people in Michigan have my heart.
– I can listen to my needs and say no to toxic situations.
– Staying in unhealthy situations because it makes sense to others is a terrible reason to not change.
– I am courageous and willing to take huge risks for my health and for my dreams.
– Everywhere I go there is intense beauty.
– Everywhere I go there are amazing and lovely people.
– Being authentically me and chasing my dreams maybe the scariest things I ever do.
– No matter how life appears, I can be surprised by joy, good things, and amazing opportunities.

I’ve been so blessed this year. There are tons of beautiful people in West Michigan who are my friends. I have been able to travel this gorgeous country of mine, relish it’s wonders, and traverse 10,000 miles of it’s amazing highway system. I was able to meet with and hug approximately 80 of my friends around the u.s., most of whom I’ve only known virtually. I have completed a book manuscript that is in editing with a dear friend, and am preparing for the next book, and thinking about others soon after. I’ve gained the most incredible mentors and coaches, and couldn’t be more grateful.

I am in love with life. I am in awe of the possibilities of creating the life of my deepest dreams. Spirit and Source are more inspiring to me than ever. I am delighted to continue investing in the dear friendships I have across the country and around the world. I am so excited for 2018.

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