Sailing Into Unknown Waters

Those who know me well know that my life purpose and passion is to inspire and equip others to live life fully alive, to know and pursue their joy. For several years now I’ve wanted to write about this, particularly about the challenges of positive life change, how we overcome them, and the basics of total-being wellness that makes this possible.
But I haven’t had the time. I’ve been so busy with jobs and school over the years I haven’t gone beyond giving presentations on the content. It didn’t seem practical or possible.
So with my recent personal development work in letting go of fear and reconnecting with and honoring my heart, I’ve decided to “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.”
In addition to dropping my last few classes for now, last week was also my last week at Tamarac. I will be in the area until early August. I plan to head east with my RV trailer and travel around the country clockwise as I write and create videos, etc. (Look for updates along the way)!
I’m so grateful for so many people who have helped me grow and heal recently, particularly Julie, Rachel, and Amanda.
I am going to miss my lovely West Michigan friends, and would love to connect before I go in August.
This venture is certainly risky, but I am courageous and am trusting that I will be guided along the way to really good things. I am so excited!!

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