Letting Go of Comparison

Even though most of us know we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to others, it seems there is a sense of reassurance in being able to check how we’re measuring up to those around us. Although, for the most part it ends up being less reassuring and more of an insecurity roller coaster, climbing up to arrogance and plummeting down to discouragement.
Taking this new path of leaving the corporate world to pursue my dreams of writing and life coaching has highlighted for me how much the comparison and competition has been a part of my life, despite how I despise those ideas. I had still compared myself against others to determine if I was pulling my weight or measuring up. This led to a lot of hyper vigilance, discouragement, and anxiety. It is so subjective and inconsistent depending on who I was measuring against, and always inaccurate. Plus, comparing and competing misses the point of life! We all have unique passions, purposes, and paths. The point is that we are NOT supposed to be doing the same things. We should be encouraging each other to live fully and authentically, each of us doing things with our own bit of brilliance and joy.
No that I’m on my own completely different adventure, I feel more freedom to tune into me, and go with what brings me joy, to do what makes me come alive. It’s so freeing, peaceful, and reassuring. I am on my path, chasing my passion, pursuing my purpose. And it feels amazing!

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