Healing is Messy

You are all parts of you: the healed and the healing, the powerful and the timid, the confident and the hesitant. It’s okay to be “inconsistent.”

Sometimes people think I am living in the past when I talk about my trauma. And I don’t blame them, I get tired of it too. But there are real-life consequences for going through abuse. There’s generally more understanding and compassion for physical injury. If I had been beaten every day for 22 years, people would understand that I have to make allowances for those physical disabilities. But when it’s mental and emotional abuse they assume you’re just not resilient or not being positive enough. I think anyone who knows me knows I am always looking for the bright side.

And the bright side is that you’re not alone. You are multifaceted, and complicated, and beautiful, and okay just however you are in this moment. I hope you keep healing, keep courageously trusting others with all the parts of you, and are proud of how insanely brave you have been.

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