If I Never Marry

Someone asked me how I would encourage one who was on a journey of being single when their heart was to be married.

After many years of deep bitterness, where every happy couple, every romantic movie with a happy ending, left a bitter taste in my mouth, I am softening to the a place of quiet appreciation of deep and true love. It’s not what I always pictured, a forever friendship that becomes a devotion to one another to the loss of any other close relationship. But now I have a deep appreciation of every loving relationship and encounter. I have come to cherish the wonderful relationships of trust and friendship and hard work, whether among coworkers, friends, or even chance strangers. The simplicity of a shared smile, a quick helping hand, a cheerful word.

But most of all, I have discovered a deep love for myself that is healing more than anything else. At some point I realized that I was waiting to love me until someone else loved me. I was withholding love from me until I was deemed worthy by another. How cruel I have been to myself?! I began to picture the way I longed to love and care for another human, and ask if I loved myself the same way. When I did so, there was a healing in my own heart that was like nothing else. It’s been truly wonderful.

It might still be sad to go through life without a consistent close partner, but I know that there are many joys for me to cherish no matter what. And if I get to spend my life being an example of self love, loving all those people around me, and cherishing the children I get to spend time with, it will have been a worthy and full life. I am prepared for whatever happens to be just perfect.

I hope this encourages all who may be longing for a relationship. You are worthy of love, especially your own!! 🤗❤

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