Heart Matters

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not. This is such a powerful statement, and one that I’ve been learning about intensely for the last year and a half. I have learned that the heart is 60 times more electrically powerful than the mind, and 5,000 times more magnetically powerful than the mind. The Institute of HeartMath has been illuminating the world through its research. But that’s not where I learned this. I have been mentoring with Amanda Flaker off and on over the last 20 months, and she has taken my interpersonal healing to new levels.

Growing up I was in a constant state of stress, with adrenalin and cortisol at continual high levels. Similar to what children of alcoholics experience, my hyper-vigilance and emotional acuity were my go-to survival mechanisms for reading the room for danger and adjusting to best keep my family and myself safe. But in that process I relied heavily on my mind, and lost connection with my heart. There was no place for really tuning in to my creativity, my joy, my pleasure. It was about survival.

When I got away in my early twenties and first began the healing process, it was a slow journey to allow myself to experience normal, healthy things without being overwhelmed and anxious. I was very courageous, always stepping out of my comfort zone to move forward and attempt to live fully. I did things that scared me, because I knew that they were ultimately what I wanted to do. And slowly things got easier.

But when I met Amanda through her YouTube channel, and began mentoring sessions with her, she took my healing to a whole new level, and reconnected me with my heart in a way that I had never allowed myself to risk. I learned that the heart lives and communicates through stories, which is why I have always loved stories so much. I learned that the heart is so much deeper and wiser than the mind, and that it really does have reasons that reason knows not. It makes sense that people can mock the heart because it isn’t logical or linear. It is more ancient, and wise, and powerful than that.

I feel like I am relearning how to live, in a much more connected and integrated way. I am loving, and forgiving, and honoring myself. I am allowing magic to flow through and around me. It’s feels like I am coming home.

I am so thankful for the many therapists, counselors, and mentors I have had the pleasure of working with. But this shout out is for Amanda. Thank you!

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