Compassionate Settling?

Don’t dim your light out of consideration for those who have chosen not to shine. Why do we do this? It’s so strange, but I have seen this pattern in my own life. “Wouldn’t it be obnoxious if I did well financially / improved my health and fitness / enjoyed loving relationships / achieved my personal desires when those I know and love are struggling?” It’s so ridiculous to think about it like this, but how often is this happening on an unconscious/automatic level?

Relationships are valuable and feel like a lifeline, a sense of safety and stability, for us. It’s our tribe, and we get support from it. It’s easy to not want to rock the boat by being very much more successful than those we are closest to. So, we slow down and pause, and let our momentum subside. It’s amazing that we can know how unreasonable this is, but still choose the familiar over our deep and risky dreams.

Like Abraham Hicks says, you can’t get sick enough to make a sick person well, and you can’t get poor enough to make a poor person rich. This misguided compassion doesn’t actually help anyone, and keeps us from living fully.

I want to encourage myself to always pursue excellence in every area of my life, to chase my dreams, and to embrace the most overwhelming successes. I will not fear losing relationships. I will trust that my success will be inspiring rather than discouraging, and that others will join me in living fully alive, and pursuing their dreams. Let’s get it!

Live bold.
Live brave.
Live BIG.

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