Trusting, Finding Joy, Being Guided

In this season of moving away from what was an unhealthy work situation for me, and toward a time of tuning into my heart and allowing my own voice to be heard, I have been delighted to experience such amazing guidance. From the outside this time in my life may look random or impulsive, but I have to share just a couple of the amazing things that have happened so far.

In January I began to have this sense that I needed to be ready to go anywhere at a moments notice, that I wasn’t going to be staying at my job or in Michigan for long. Along with that came the understanding that I needed “lighten my load” by downsizing my possessions. I also realized I needed to get out of my apartment (which had been my favorite apartment ever for it’s design and peaceful location) so I wouldn’t have to wait a month to give my notice.

I had heard from a friend that Grand Rapids had an annual RV show, and it was a few weeks later that I found out it was happening that month! I went, just wandering around and learning as much as I could about RVs and Trailers.

I knew I would need a truck instead of my trusty Ford Fusion, which had also been my favorite car to date. One Thursday afternoon in February I had about a two and a half hour window of time between work commitments, and I decided I would go to the local Ford dealership to do some research on the kind of truck I would need (I have next to no interest in vehicles and didn’t know any of the specifics I would require). I had been asking a couple of friends for guidance and so had some rough ideas, but didn’t know the details very well. But, and maybe this sounds too mystic for some, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and guidance during that 2.5 hours. The salesman that I worked with was great, really listening and giving me quality coaching. By the time I left for my evening work commitment, I was driving my new F150 crew cab pick-up, having traded in my car and receiving a thousand dollars more for it than I paid over two years before! And when I told my mechanic friends the specs on my truck, they said it was perfect for what I was looking for! I was totally guided.

It was similar with my RV trailer. I was working with a lot in Muskegon based on a recommendation from a coworker. I talked to them when I still had my car and looked at their used selection. When I went back after getting my truck, they had just reduced their used trailers by a thousand each. The smaller ones were newer and more expensive, but the one a few feet longer, and the oldest but most affordable, had more than double the storage space of the others in just its basic design and layout. After inspecting it and sending pictures to my brothers and an a friend, I felt a strong sense of peace, and bought it. I was totally guided.

I ended up moving in mid March (when it was 16 degrees!) and again I was provided for, by a dear coworker offering my a place to park and live on her property. The last few months there have been a huge blessing for both of us, and I am so grateful for that time with her and her girls. I was totally guided.

So, the road I am traveling is uncertain and without guarantee. But even with just these few examples, I know I will continue to be guided and provided for. I am excited for more amazing stories!

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