Who Would I Be If I Stayed?

One of my favorite moments in the Wonder Woman movie is when she decides to leave the Amazonian island of Themyscira against her mother’s (the queen’s) wishes. Diana’s been a headstrong and independent woman from a little girl. After hearing about the Great War from Steve Trevor, she chooses to follow what she believes is her responsibility to the world to stop the god of war. Before she can leave, taking Steve with her, queen Hippolyta and her royal guard find her at the dock. It’s a beautiful encounter, where Diana is fully owning who she is and Hippolyta is finally accepting that. The queen says to her, “You know if you choose to leave, you may never return?” Diana calmly replies, “Who would I be if I stayed?”

That is such a powerful question. “Who would I be if I stayed?” It’s safer to stay. It’s familiar to stay. It’s comfortable to stay. But who would I be? I would be choosing to not expand, to not grow, to not embrace my own unleashed power and potential.

She stayed playful, she stayed curious. Her compassion fueled her power and guided her passion. She stayed headstrong and independent. But she didn’t stay safe. She never backed down but kept rising to every new challenge, expanding to overcome every setback. She chose the unknown, she chose to expand and grow. She chose to BE who she was. So she couldn’t stay.


Don’t stay.

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